(US 1:  July, 2016)

(US 1:  July, 2016)


Logan Castro (1992) is a composer, sound designer, pianist, cellist, recording engineer, and former adjunct faculty member in Music at the Florida State University School of Dance. He graduated with his Masters Degree from the Florida State University College of Music in 2016 in Music Theory and Composition. His music runs the gamut from concert music, pop music, and completely improvised ‘ambient’ or ‘noise’ sets. Mr. Castro’s deep love of collaboration has afforded him opportunities to work with many choreographers including Gwen Welliver, Tim Glenn, and Pearl Ubungen as a composer; and for Suzanne Farrell, the Twyla Tharpe Company, and the Martha Graham Company at the piano as a dance accompanist. His composition teachers have included Ellen Zwilich, Ladislav Kubik, Daniel May, and Mark Wingate.





New REleases

"Changes EP" is my debut Electroacoustic single. Sampled rain sounds, singing bowls, and plenty of synthesizers make for a contemplative, ambient sonic landscape. These tracks were improvised live to accompany dancers in "Contact Improvisation" sessions at the FSU School of Dance, January-April 2018. The goal for this project is 64 improvisations, one for each hexagram in the "I-Ching", or Book of Changes.

"Modes of Limited Self Reflection" is 6 movements of sample-based experimental sound collage with elements of drone and electronic dance music. There are two journeys moving through the album: the first tracks the progression of the Spiritual Baptist Tradition of 'mourning', where the participant volunteers to isolate themselves for weeks in order to free the senses and achieve a spiritual apotheosis. The second is my own journey of attainment for the power and honor of spiritual ritual. For more information on the composition, or of the collaboration between myself and Kieron Sargeant, check out my presskit! (link below) 

Modes of Limited Self Reflection: Presskit

Logan Castro on Bandcamp


Three selections from my catalogue of dance collaborations. Some videos may be excerpted. Message me for details of the collaboration or to get in contact with the choreographers.


Collaboration between choreographer LaQuan Anderson and myself. The score for this work is almost non-existant, being a collection of timing and written-descriptions of dance movements that I improvised sound for (with fairly precise criteria from the choreographer). The instrumentation is unprocessed, solo piano. The sounds you are hearing are created through heavy yarn mallets, credit cards, small weights, and in one rehearsal bouncing rubber balls that were thrown into the inside of the concert grand-piano. Performed at the Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theater at Florida State University's School of Dance. A Studio Recording is still pending. 

Waking Beauty

Collaboration between choreographer Anna Patsfall and myself. The choreography explores the three female leads in Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty"; Carabosse, the Lilac Fairy, and princess Aurora. The music is a collage-based reimagining of the original score with various time, pitch, and FX processing to tease out what Anna and I had agreed were the primary emotional underpinnings of each character.


One of my first dance collaboration projects, 'Arise' was composed in 2015 to accompany choreographer Forrest Hershey's movement. A simple ternary structure in the spirit of 'chillwave'.


Teaching is one of my primary passions, and has been a major part of my professional life for the past 10 years. With students ranging from ages 8 to 65, I've been afforded the opportunity to give private instruction in Piano, Cello, Music Theory, and Composition. I served as faculty member at the School of Dance at Florida State University from 2016-2018, allowing me experience lecturing to undergraduate and graduate level students from both music and non-music creative disciplines, including Dance and Theater.

Click here to learn more about my experience teaching both privately and in the classroom.



My portfolio, including recordings and links to purchase the score where applicable. This area of my work, for now, is separated into four main categories:

Fixed Media


Solo/Chamber Music (acoustic)

Large Ensemble (acoustic)

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A marketplace for my published works. Each purchase comes with:

- digital copies of the score and parts

- Hard copies of the score at your request. There is a form you can fill out at checkout to add your address. Shipping is on me! (limit of two hard copies per purchase)

Check back in regularly for new works and special discounts! Recordings can be found on my catalogue

Beta Fragments.png

Beta Fragments

Written in the Fall of 2015 for choreographer Rebecca Krumel. The work is a serial treatment of a minimal melodic motive presented in the first bar. The original choreography had the dancers track specific movement pathways (vertical, horizontal, and spiral only) and reconcile these paths with obstacles placed on the stage. The music reflects this poverty of pathways and limitless deployment thereof. Listen to my concert premiere of the work below (myself on piano).

The Long Summer.png

The Long Summer

First premiered April, 2014. A duet in three movements modeled on haiku poetry. Each movement is about 3 minutes long. Listen to the premier recording from my senior recital. Breana Gilcher on Oboe, and myself on cello. Check out Breana's website here!

A Single Flower Blooming.png

A Single Flower Blooming

First premiered in February, 2016. The work's form is one of transfiguration of the initial melody (played by the Bassoon). Various interjections of angular gestures are gradually stripped away to reveal the tonality at the root of the work. Check out the premier recording by the "Force Majeure" Quintet

In The Works

Here I highlight a project I'm either currently embroiled in or am on my way to starting. Check back periodically to stay up-to-date on all my antics! If one of these projects interests you, consider donating to the Kali Yuga Fund! All proceeds will secure things like costumes and a video crew to document the process.

Kali Yuga_Full-1.jpeg

Kali Yuga

My first self-produced dance and music work. Kali Yuga is inspired by the Hindu mythos of the Maha-Yuga: specifically the last of its four sub-division, Kali Yuga. I'm incredibly fortunate to be collaborating with world renowned choreographer Gwen Welliver for this project. The score is for 12 dancers, fully electronic string quartet, and controllerist. Click 'learn more' to see excerpts of the score, hear samples of the music, or for more information on the 'Yugas' of Hinduism. Check back periodically as the project develops for new and exciting sneak peeks!