A complete list of works:

Fixed Media:

"Modes of Limited Self Reflection" (2018), Fixed Media and Solo Dancer:

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I) Trance Operations

II) This Hallowed Ground

III) Seeking Fulfillment in the Passage of Time

IV) The Context of Another Discipline

V) Gather and Perform Your Rituals

VI) Law of Eternal Return

"A Waking Beauty" (2016), Fixed Media and 3 Dancers:

Collage work using  excerpts from Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty" 

Arise (2015), Fixed Media and 6 Dancers:


"Changes EP" (2018), Live Improvisations in "Ableton Live":

But, it is Not Raining


"Roses In December" (2018), Amplified Cello, Piano, and 2 Dancers: Check back soon for purchase link!

Co-Composed with Daniel Smith (Music Faculty at the Florida State University School of Dance)

"Ad Lucem" (2017), Prepared and Amplified Piano, Fixed Media, and 12 dancers:

 Sample: "Gumboots", David Bruce, Ensemble ACJW at Skidmore College's Arthur Zankel Music Center, Helen Filene Ladd Concert Hall, on February 5, 2010

"Kali Yuga" (2017) Fully Electronic String Quartet:

"Exodus" (2016) Prepared and Amplified Piano:


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"Oops, We Broke the Soap Box" (2018), Viola, Clarinet, and Piano: Get the score!

"Padmadhikini" (2018), Solo Cello and 9 Dancers:

Collaboration with Pearl Ubungen

"Rhapsody for Viola and Piano" (2016): Check back soon for purchase link!

"A Single Flower Blooming" (2016), Woodwind Quintet: Get the score!

"Beta Fragments" (2015), Solo Piano: Get the score!

"Pause for Reflection", Solo Violin (2014): Get the score!

Becomes "Concerto for Violin and Orchestra"

"The Long Summer" (2014), Oboe and Cello: Get the score!

Large Ensemble

"Concerto for Violin and Orchestra" (2017): Check back soon for purchase link!